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We dont have 48 diferent strains from Barneys-farm in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Acapulco Gold stock:Available
Amnesia Lemon stock:Available
Blue Cheese stock:Available
Blue Mammoth stock:Available
Californian Orange Bud stock:Available
CBD Blue Shark stock:Available
CBD Critical Cure stock:Available
Cherry Bomb stock:Available
Chronic Thunder stock:Available
Crimea Blue stock:Available
Critical Kush stock:Available
Critical Rapido stock:Available
Dr. Grinspoon stock:Available
Flower Power stock:Available
G13 Haze stock:Available
Grape Ape stock:Available
Grape Muerto stock:Available
Honey B stock:Available
K2 stock:Available
Kerala Gold stock:Available
L.S.D. stock:Available
Laughing Buddha stock:Available
Liberty Haze stock:Available
Little Cheese stock:Available
Malana Bomb stock:Available
Morning Glory stock:Available
Night Shade stock:Available
NL x Haze stock:Available
Northern Lights stock:Available
Peppermint Kush stock:Available
Phatt Fruity stock:Available
Pineapple Chunk stock:Available
Pineapple Express stock:Available
Red Cherry Berry stock:Available
Red Diesel stock:Available
Red Dragon stock:Available
Sin Tra Bajo stock:Available
Sweet Tooth stock:Available
Sweet Tooth Auto stock:Available
Tangelo Rapido stock:Available
Tangerine Dream stock:Available
Top Dawg stock:Available
Uptown Girl stock:Available
Utopia Haze stock:Available
Vanilla Kush stock:Available
Violator Kush stock:Available
White Widow stock:Available
Willie Nelson stock:Available